Anti-Pornhub petition reaches a million signatures.

In February 2020, Laila Mickelwait launched the #Traffickinghub campaign, which started as a petition to “shut down Pornhub” in response to alleged loose enforcement against sexually exploitative content uploaded by users of their website. The campaign organizers accuse Pornhub of lax moderation policies, which they say allows the website to profit from human trafficking, underage pornography, and real rape porn uploaded to their website. The campaign reached almost 400,000 signatures in just its first month.

The petition is projected to reach over 1,000,000 signatures on June 08, 2020. However, the campaign was met with resistance by the porn giant. In response to the #Traffickinghub campaign, a Pornhub vice president stated that “Pornhub has a steadfast commitment to eradicating and fighting any and all illegal content on the internet, including non-consensual content and child sexual abuse material. Any suggestion otherwise is categorically and factually inaccurate.” Pornhub also accused Exodus Cry, the organization that Laila Mickelwait works for, of being aligned with hate groups and espousing “extremist and despicable language.” Laila Mickelwait responded that “Pornhub resorting to completely false ad hominem attacks on me to deflect from their complicity in horrific crimes of sex trafficking and rape simply demonstrates the fact that Pornhub has no excuse. People resort to that kind of childish behavior when they have no real defense.” While Exodus Cry is a self-described Christian “abolitionist” organization, many non-religious organizations and figures have supported the #Traffickinghub campaign.

The petition page lists numerous examples of sexually exploitative and illegal content being uploaded by Pornhub users. The #Traffickinghub campaign heralds some very real and serious systemic problems with tube-style porn sites. According to Mickelwait and others, Pornhub does not require governmental ID to obtain “verified” status on your Pornhub account: all you need to do is take a photograph with a piece of paper with your username written on it. Also, it appears that almost anyone can upload content with just an email address – the website does not require photo identification or copies of the performers’ contracts, which makes it challenging to discern between consenting adults, versus revenge porn or otherwise sexually exploitative content.

While we are not endorsing the shut down of any porn website and just reporting the news, Pornhub should probably start thinking about integrating a more robust system to properly verify the ages and consent of performers who appear in uploaded content. While they’re at it, maybe they can incorporate some age verification to ensure that kids and underage teens aren’t using their website and getting inadvertently addicted to porn. These aren’t necessarily “anti-porn” views, they’re common sense views.

34 thoughts on “Anti-Pornhub petition reaches a million signatures.”

  1. Not only PORNHUB but other PORNWEBSITES must also be BANNED!!
    people like ALEX and LAILA MICKELWAIT are really doing a great job .

  2. Oh wow! 1 million signatures!

    But… that doesn’t change anything. Pornhub isn’t going to shut down because some petition got signed.

    Someone needs to start an actual lawsuit against them.

  3. Shutting down pornhub is not the answer. Pornhub taking more responsibility to restrict who can upload videos is. I don’t think porn is inherently bad, anymore than alcohol is inherently bad. My mother was an alcoholic, and I will never touch the stuff, but I know that not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic. So there’s no reason to ban alcohol. The same is true for porn. Not everyone who uses porn is a porn addict. There’s no reason to ban porn.

  4. Incorrect. There is no way porn and sex work is ever really “good”. If money is needed for consent for sex, is it really consent? Porn and sex trafficking are FAR more dangerous than alcohol ever could be because there is very little chance to ever be “free”, whereas with drinking, as you said, most people are “free” in the sense they can take it or leave it and have no problem with it.

  5. Signed. I know banning porn won’t solve the issues, but combating and taking action against the biggest provider of online pornography is a excellent move. The porn industry has always had bad standards and now it’s getting very much out of hand. By detailing and exposing how Phub allows a platform for exploitation of men, women and children, human trafficking and non consensual content, I think this will help others to make a better choice by not consuming pornography or at least give them a better insight into a industry that has been severely normalised by modern society’s take on sexualisation of culture.

  6. I relapsed in the 76th day. My target was atleast 90 days. Shouldn’t I get the benefits of brainrewiring or I have to start from day 1again?

  7. Dont know if You believe in God or not, but what You just said: “Porn isn’t bad” goes against everything Jesus took a stance against. Have You ever read how Jesus warned anyone caught doing these things apart from Marriage will be punished, especially if you willing continue to do it? Don’t encourage people or even the porn industry to remain at all, You are doing a disservice to everyone, obviously porn is designed to get you to fap, so why keep it around, unless your making up an excuse to get away with it.

  8. My heart breaks for those (myself included) addicted to porn, and the men/women who get exploited by the porn industry. My addiction has cost me so much: my marriage, my view of women and sexuality, and healthy relationships with females. Most of all, it has cost me intimacy with a loving Father.

    Thank you Exodus Cry for exposing the malpractice of this porn industry giant. Sobriety: One day at a time. Thankful for 283 days of sexual sobriety today. My neurochemistry is healing itself; the desire is met by combatting, healthy thoughts learned in my recovery, and I have accountability.

    When sobriety is present, recovery is inevitable. To the sex/porn addict reading this: Reclaim your life! You are worthy and capable. You are madly loved by your Creator.

  9. I find myself agreeing. And this is coming from someone who thinks he has possibly suffered for years with fatigue, depression, brain fog, and more because of porn.

    Why? Well for one thing, I don’t believe in black and white (for the most part). I think the alcohol example is pretty good. If porn video are uploaded by consenting adults, and if there are age requirements to prevent developing minds from accessing porn, why should it be banned?

    Even Your Brain on Porn says that it might be ok as an “occasional treat”. Who am I to restrict someone else when they may have no issue with it? I do think that porn probably negatively effects a shit ton of people without their knowledge, but that’s because it is so unregulated right now. If the issues with who can upload what are addressed, and the issues with who can access porn are addressed, I see no reason to ban it completely.

  10. I think you missed a lot brother.. Have u seen the statistics.. porn is not even tantamount to alcoholism.. sorry to say this but you are mislead.. not everyone has the capacity to withstand addictions.. try saying this to a kid. And watch him 5-10 years after.. what would his life be like? If this is your mentality my friend, you should not even be here.

  11. don’t compare alcohol with porn or anything related to sexual satisfaction. you can easily decide not to drink even when surrounded by alcohol and drinking friends but not with porn. It’s like comparing a bottle of Heineken to cocaine, the other is almost impossible to quit or control even for someone above 18.. Jugging frm the fact that it’s causing more harm than good, difficult to control i personally think it should be illegal to even watch porn not to mention do porn. 2nd day of Nofap now..getting better

  12. You don’t need to start from the first day again, because all your achievements won’t disappear because of one recurrence.

  13. I believe that maybe pornhub isn’t the real problem here. It has,it’s regulations and standards, but some other sites may not. If this is what you really want, to stop abuse, then you can’t. Amendments protect certain rights, and blocking sites for unprovable claims is definitely against them. If a petition is what y’alls think will get it shut down, then there should be one on the opposing side as well.

  14. Research as much as you can. Porn falls under the category of behavioral addictions. Just like people who people who eat when nervous and smoke to have something in their hands. Social media is another type of behavioral addiction. A person becomes addicted to the anticipation of something. While anticipation is good – it’s what drives us to get off the couch, it can also become an addiction.
    Smoking, drugs and alcohol have a chemical component to them – whereby the brain actually becomes rewired.
    One key to defeating all of them is to become mindful of what your brain thinks. Become curious about what your brain is doing. Observe yourself. Ask yourself why you think the way you do..

  15. what lawsuit exactly? porn is legal. listen at you idiots. the same ppl that scream religious freedom is being taken from you are now the same ones forcing their Jesus juice down everyones throats. thats like me being on a diet telling everyone else not to eat oreos. look if you want to live your boring cultist life around sexually frustrated men who claim celibacy but really are getting the young boys in church to touch their extra small penises thats on you. but to think you can just force everyone to live by your ridiculous standards all bc of a fairytale book about a petty jealous god….then you deserve your existence to be as lame as it already is. masturbation is natural. science has proven that its good for your body bc of the hormones released. literally the opposite of what this bs brainwashing site claims. religion isn’t science. science flies you to mars…religion flies you into buildings…remember that.

  16. Porn is an addiction, many studies are confirming that and the fact the 700k people are on NoFap and can’t seem to quit porn at will is another evidence of that – i’m curious… try to quit porn, just to demonstrate that you’re not addicted.
    Porn has nothing to do with one’s sexuality, it merely involves the surge of our brain receptors with abnormal amount of dopamine, which creates a withdrawal once the deed is done, that the porn addict proceeds to relieve with another session. Where’s the sexuality thing here? I just can’t see it.
    Oh, I was almost forgetting, porn causes PIED, and porn users (even light users) struggle more to find real partners, too. This is because, among its many disadvantages, such as the destruction of one’s brain receptors, porn also creates a distorted view of reality and crazy standards for potential partners, not to mention the objectification of women.
    It is widely recognized that porn is good for “sexuality”, but every real and pragmatic evidence suggests that porn is actually destroying sexuality. Where’s is the benefit of porn in society? It is destroying this generation of men and women, and where is the “benefit” the “good site”? We can’t find it, because porn only benefits porn producers who make tons of money.

    Please, do not bother to answer with “but people like it” (heroin addicts swear that they like heroin), or that “porn has been here for a long time”, “I’ve used since 20 years no problem”, or “It is sexuality, my friend told me”. Instead, try to point out some real and based evidence that porn has some kind of benefit and, if it has (which I don’t believe), try to put two and two together and ask yourself if the “benefits” outweigh its dangers or not.

    Sorry for any mistake, I am not a native speaker. And yes, you can avoid discussion by making fun of some grammar mistake, sure.

  17. Half the people screaming for “Shut it down”! and such use it every day. The loudest ones have the most intense orgasms, I promise you.

    I liked Pornhub and was a regular user for years, amassing a playlist. My poison wasn’t porn, though – it was seeing what a certain type of woman looked like with and without clothes, walking around their kitchens, cleaning, eating a meal, taking a bath. That people are using it for revenge porn and posting underage people being abused is fucked up to the extreme, of course.

    But there are some people who will never, for whatever reason, get to touch another human being, forget having sex with them. For such people, it’s a pleasure looking at what you can never have, and having an orgasm. It should be with a consenting person, though, who is making themselves available for such gratification. And the model should be 18, that’s the law.

  18. Congratulations. Job well done. Hoping I could do it as well. You inspired me. Keep it up

  19. if you really think that porn is not an addiction, try to abstain from it for 90 days and you will see it for yourself. we are aware of harmlessness theories of masturbation. guess who sponsors the research? its the porn industry that enslaves its actors and its people. most actors specially the women have short life expectancy due to STDs, mental health issues, drugs, and abuse.
    Concerning your hate for Christianity, i hope that you will develop an open mind and see the facts around the reresection of Jesus. I was once an atheist, but am saved by the truth.
    with regards

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