Age 27: More Self-Respect, Weight Loss, Stopped Objectifying Women, “Never been more proud of myself”

When I started this, I had the “see if I can do it” mentality. But after a few days and some heavy temptation, I turned to you guys, and I found an extremely strong, respectful and supporting community that gave me a lot of inspiration. I immediately decided that I was going to take this seriously. Since NoFap, I’ve:

  • Never been more proud of myself for having this much self control. Been confident with myself, and my body.
  • Stopped objectifying women.
  • Started being as honest as I can be with myself the people in my life. Communicating. Mended broken relationships with friends, family, colleagues and previous women that I’ve dated.
  • Reading.
  • Realized that I am capable of so much more.
  • Set goals that I can accomplish. Exercising and stretching every single day. (Great way to get your mind off fapping, btw) I never joined a gym, I just decided that I can do basic body work outs in my room. And it works.
  • Lost 20+ pounds.
  • Actually listen to what the fuck women are saying… This has been huge.
  • Been able to have a ridiculous amount of stamina and control during sex.
  • And because I’ve been doing so much stretching and exercising, I’ve been having the best sex of my life with my SO.
  • Quit one of my shitty jobs and got a really great job instead. So now I have two great jobs that pay my bills just fine.
  • Pay my bills on time.
  • Listen to a lot more music. Oddly.

Never considered PMO to be a problem. I was always just a once every day or every other day kinda guy. For the record, I wasn’t dating or seeing anyone when I started, so I went 27 days… It was rough, but worth it. Since then, I got a pretty cool girl that I’m still seeing.

I’ve never really had problems with dating, ED, PE, but I have always been pretty awkward and insecure. I’ve always had sort of a boyish inner child attitude, so nobody ever takes me seriously. I just turned 27, and I’ve hit that point in my life when I suddenly realized that I’m in my late twenties and I need to get my shit together. This is where NoFap came in. I can’t say that all of the above things are a direct result of nofap, but at this point I really don’t fucking care. Everything that has happened to me since has been too great to fight.

One last thing I want to point out. I’ve learned to remind myself how important it is to have self respect. I owe it to myself to better myself, and so does everyone else. Once I got that through my head, I started making better decisions that would challenge me and benefit me. Stay strong, Fapstronauts. Make this a journey that you take to be the person you want to be.

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13 thoughts on “Age 27: More Self-Respect, Weight Loss, Stopped Objectifying Women, “Never been more proud of myself””

  1. Great story! Very inspiring. I’m 22, and on the same boat of “getting my shit together”. If I manage to accomplish, throughout my journey, half the things this man has, I’ll be extremely content.

  2. Great Story. If you already had realized that, then you are in your way, I hope so much you commit your goals, in all that, we are in the same goal. if someone of us really focus on it, then we have more stories to inspire us all. you will be the best version of you, by sure. God blesses you bro.

  3. You’re living the dream my brother, keep up the good work, and I’ll be working hard to join you!

  4. Wonderful to hear.
    I have recently realised that I’m in the same boat, never gone more than 2 weeks without P**n in my life. Time to change things 💪

  5. After leaving “self-sex” behind, i’ve finally accepted the idea of asking out girls specifically for sex! No more objectifying women!

    Wait, that didn’t sound right.

  6. Thank you for your kind words I believe everything clicks at its proper time.

    I’m going to stick with the program, and never give up hope.

  7. First day itself, I’ be never gone without fap for 2 or 3 days (max 2 moths in the past). Got inspired a lot . Also impressed by your saying – “Stopped objectifying women”

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