Facilitated online support groups.

NoFap’s anonymous peer support groups will help you stick to your sexual health goals. By attending our weekly calls, you’ll have direct access to the inner circle of the most dedicated community members. We’re available to anyone who is looking to establish healthier sexual habits, including those seeking to recover from porn addiction, porn overuse, and non-porn compulsive sexual behavior.

What to expect:

Small Measurable Goals

Peer facilitators encourage participants to not only abstain from porn, but to pursue beneficial life habits from week to week.

Reliable Accountability

Most peer-organized accountability groups just aren't reliable. Rain or shine, we'll be there at the scheduled time.

Experienced Facilitators

We've been running peer accountability groups for years. All facilitators have personal experience with porn addiction.

Frequent Communication

We meet every week. You can also keep in touch with your accountability group in between calls using a live text chat app.


All participants remain anonymous. You choose your level of participation by talking, texting, or just listening in.


You will be among a group of peers in a shame-free environment. In our group sessions, you can truly be yourself.

How do the weekly group calls work?

Join using your computer or phone.

You may attend our accountability calls from anywhere in the world. You will be provided both a phone number to call in or a URL to connect online.

Let your group know how you're doing.

The group facilitator will ensure that everybody who wants to has a chance to share updates about their sexual health goals via voice or live text chat.

Connect and set goals for next time.

We might go through an exercise, offer each other support, discuss a particular subject, or have an open discussion. At the end, we set goals for the next week.

Calls vary depending on various factors, such as attendance, current events, & holidays. Sometimes, we focus on one particular exercise or topic about recovery, while other times, we host an open discussion.

Ready to join?

Drop-In Support Call Access

Attendance Varies

$25 $ 20
Monthly Membership
  • Large, podcast-style calls
  • Get support, ask questions, or just listen
  • Thursdays at 10 am and 8 pm ET
  • Access to one session per week

Accountability Group

Maximum of 35 People Per Group

$50 $ 40
Monthly Membership
  • Access to a weekly accountability group
  • More individual attention
  • We track your progress
  • Access to private forum group

Small Accountability Group

Maximum of Just 12 People Per Group

$150 $ 120
Monthly Membership
  • Access to a small accountability group
  • The most individual attention
  • We track your progress
  • Access to private forum group

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop-in support calls are less organized and have more attendees – although attendance varies every week. A dozen people might show up – or a hundred. Some people like to just listen in, while others like to actively participate by either talking or chatting in the chatroom. The amount of personal attention that you can get depends on how many people are in the call; however, many people appreciate simply listening in similar to a live talk show-style podcast. These calls can be quite lively, are often attended by NoFap founder Alex Rhodes, and we share behind-the-scenes information about the website, news, and recovery advice. Sometimes we invite special guests such as therapists or recovery personalities. Everybody has the option to check-in via the live chat – and we bring on people live to share their stories and to ask questions. While these aren’t the same level of accountability as our accountability group calls, many people find it beneficial to have somewhere to show up to every week to focus on recovery.

Accountability group calls are focused on holding you accountable for reaching your goals. With accountability calls, call facilitators track your goals and progression on a weekly basis. Since attendance is capped and the same set of people attend every week, there is a far greater amount of individual attention – whereas in the drop-in support calls, call facilitators are unlikely to be familiar with your situation. In between weekly sessions, you can communicate with your fellow group members in a private forum hosted on NoFap’s main forums.

Drop-In Support calls are currently at 10 am and 8 pm ET (Eastern Time, same as New York City) on Thursdays. We will likely add more time slots in the future.

Accountability Group calls are more varied. They occur at various times throughout the week. Most calls start sometime between 8 am – 8 pm ET. If you are from another time zone, please check to make sure that the time range works for your schedule before signing up. Here is a handy time zone conversion site. Within one week, you will be matched to a group that fits your time availability. If you have an especially busy schedule, you might want to contact us before signing up.

Our currently-available time slots for accountability groups are as follows:

  • Tuesdays at 8 pm ET
  • Wednesdays at 10 am ET
  • Wednesdays at 4 pm ET
  • Wednesdays at 8 pm ET
  • Thursdays at 12 pm ET
  • Thursdays at 4 pm ET
  • Saturdays at 11 am ET

If none of these time slots work for you, email us or keep checking back for new openings!

NoFap is a secular recovery website. However, people from many religions around the world, or of no religion at all, utilize our website. We approach the issue from a science-based perspective. If you are personally religious, we are happy to have you and you are welcome to share your personal story, but our calls are not faith-based and call facilitators won’t be able to get into religious text discussions with you!

Yes and we encourage it. What you choose to reveal is entirely up to you. Asking us to refer to you by your NoFap username is completely acceptable. We also recommend not sharing personal information about yourself that could be used to identify you, such as your job, where you live, etc, if you have concerns about anonymity.

You can opt to use text-chat only – every call has a chat room that the facilitator will monitor. You may connect using your voice or even video (through your computer webcam or phone camera) – it’s up to you. In any case, we still recommend that you withhold personally identifiable information.

Anybody who is 18 years or older who is looking to establish healthier sexual habits or recover from porn overuse, porn addiction, or compulsive sexual behavior. Note that our calls primarily focus on porn addiction recovery.

We hold you accountable – but there’s only so much that we can do. You are responsible for showing up to the calls. From there, our facilitator and the community will encourage you to reach your sexual health goals. But similar to how a personal trainer actually can’t do the exercises for you, we can only show you the path – it’s up to you to walk it. So the answer is, yes, we will hold you accountable and we keep track of your progress (for accountability group calls, not drop-in support calls) , but you need to show up to the calls and participate!

There are benefits to each. Some people find that having more people in the group is motivating, while others find the deeper camaraderie of a smaller group to be more motivational. There is less individual attention given in big groups, which is ideal for busy people who require just a quick check-in. Some people prefer to sit in and benefit silently from the recovery atmosphere, while not actively participating themselves. In this case, big groups are a better option. The choice between big or small groups is up to you and the experience that you want to have.

A trained facilitator runs and maintains the flow of the meetings. These are recovering porn addicts who are NoFap team members, such as moderators or site administrators.

Any phone or a computer. You can dial-in or connect via the Zoom meeting software on your computer (Windows, Linux, and Mac), iOS, or Android device. If you can read this web page and sign up for the membership, you have the ability to attend the calls.

For now, all calls are in English and hosted by team members based in the United States. Anyone from any country is invited to attend, but we highly recommend a conversational fluency in English to listen, participate, or live text chat.

For drop-in support and regular accountability group calls, you are completely welcome to attend and just listen. And our text-chat option allows you to communicate live with the NoFap team and group members without actually speaking. Many people prefer to do this, instead of talk. However, note that the quality of your experience and the support you receive will depend to a degree on the relationships you build with the team and your fellow group members, so we encourage you to contribute as much as you feel comfortable doing, even if just through text chat. For small accountability groups, we request that everybody actively participate.

Generally yes. Keep in mind that the group facilitators are similar to you, though, and cannot provide you medical or mental healthcare. They do, however, have personal experience with porn addiction (and sometimes compulsive sexual behavior too) and can share what has worked (and not worked) for them, along with giving you general guidance based on NoFap’s best practices.

For accountability groups, yes. While we do not allow group members to exchange contact information for privacy reasons, we set up forum groups for each session just for group members to stay in touch. Note that you have to have an active NoFap forum account to utilize this optional feature of the membership.

This optional feature is only available for accountability groups, not drop-in support calls. We set up a private forum “group” for each accountability group. Here you can connect to your fellow accountability partners, receive updates about their recoveries, and discuss ideas on how to overcome each other’s obstacles.

To take advantage, you will need to have a forum account. We recommend that you sign up for your group membership using the same email address as your forum account. If you have a forum account that matches the email address that you use to sign up for your membership, we’ll automatically add you to the forum group shortly after purchase. If you don’t already have a forum account and create one after subscribing to our accountability groups, or have a forum account under another email address, contact us and let us know to add you to the group.

For drop-in support calls, you will receive an email after signing up asking you to select which drop-in session you’ll be attending every week. After you make your selection, you will receive another email with the Zoom Webinar link to join. Note that these links change every month and we send these new links at the beginning of every month via email.

For accountability groups, after signing up, within minutes you will receive a survey in your email box (if you don’t see anything, check your spam folder!). The survey will ask you some basic questions about yourself and which times that you are available. It may take up to a week to match you into an accountability group, but in the meantime, you will be provided links to attend drop-in support calls.

My question isn’t answered here!

Feel free to send us a message!

We look forward to meeting you! Your subscription will not only support yourself in your recovery – but financially support our ability to keep this site online!

“The Fine Print”

  • This is a monthly membership that is automatically billed until canceled. While we do not provide refunds for this service, you may cancel your membership by opening up a support ticket to avoid future billing. Please let us know that you would like to leave the community at least seven days prior to renewal to give us ample opportunity to complete the exiting process.
  • Support call and accountability group availability varies. We reserve the right to close enrollment at any time. If you are looking to join, we recommend signing up quickly after enrollment periods open, as we are unable to take on any new members until more slots become available. If accountability groups are closed, you may join the waitlist to be alerted whenever they open up again.
  • All attendees must agree to our User Agreement and Call Rules prior to signing up. Our rules are designed to foster a civil group dynamic that helps everyone reach their goals. We’ve never yet had to deny anyone access, but NoFap reserves the right to cancel an individual’s membership if they repeatedly disrupt meetings and disregard facilitator direction.
  • This is not mental healthcare or therapy. Group leaders are peer facilitators. They are, in general, similar to you – enthusiastic recovering addicts who want to help provide a supportive atmosphere for attendees to provide mutual encouragement – not professionally licensed therapists. We strongly recommend that you see a therapist in conjunction with attending our accountability group calls. If you are experiencing suicidal or violent thoughts, seek help from a hotline or emergency services immediately.
  • Individual results vary. While we believe that being in a supportive community of peers is incredibly beneficial, joining an accountability group doesn’t guarantee increased success in overcoming porn addiction, porn overuse, or compulsive sexual behavior.
  • By signing up and attending accountability groups, you agree to waive all claims against NoFap LLC, our team members, or our call facilitators for any advice that you receive or any actions that you may take as a result of attending accountability groups. For further information, see the User Agreement.
  • We take the privacy of our members very seriously. Recording calls or publicly disclosing personal information about others discovered during calls is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. However, while we can guarantee that we won’t disclose your personal information to other parties (outside of very limited circumstances, outlined in the User Agreement), we cannot make that guarantee on behalf of other call attendees. As such, we encourage an atmosphere of anonymity – so please don’t reveal personal information about yourself, such as your full name, during calls.

Not ready to join yet?

If you’re not quite ready to join our weekly calls, Getting Started with NoFap® is completely free for all new NoFap® News newsletter subscribers. We will periodically provide you the best information on the recovery lifestyle, the latest news related to our platform, and content to keep you motivated to stick to your sexual health goals.