NoFap Results: One Year (personal story)

Deciding to track my NoFap progress was the best choice I could have made. My tracking list (see below) served as my day-to-day accountability partner and motivated me every time I crossed off a success. I can recommend it to anyone starting on a serious NoFap Journey. It has brought me a lot of insights and success. I know my journey is not perfect, but I hope I can motivate you to do the same by sharing my results and my learnings.

My main results are as follows:

  • NoFap days: 333.
  • Relapses. 31 relapse days (max. PMO on one day: 5 times). I try to remember myself that I also tried to start a streak again for 31 times.
  • Streaks. I started the year with a long streak (83d) and I also ended it with one (101d). I am very proud of these streaks.

My main learnings are:

It will become easier over time. At some point you will reach that point where your desire to do other things has become larger than your cravings for PMO. I sat in bed one day, really feeling I had the choice. PMO felt like just another thing to do, but it did not have me in control. I imagine my brain at that point being rewired so that both the old harmful pathways of continuing PMO and my new habits were equally developed and therefore attractive.

Tracking progress works extremely motivating. Checking off successful days felt very rewarding. At some point I started to check off the previous day first thing after I woke up. This worked so well! Not only it helped me to start off my day with pride and a smile, it also helped my to center my thoughts of the next day of Nofap yet to accomplish. On bad days, it would remind me that I already had achieved a lot and that my relapse was only a tiny misstep in my journey. So after bad days, my list helped me to put things in perspective and carry on.

Accountability is key. I also experienced much support by having accountability partners. I updated two friends regularly about my progress. I would text them when I relapsed and then we would talk about why it happened. This often would get my on track again. Telling them about my streaks was a celebration in itself. I also had a discord group with people where we checked in daily to update the streak and sometimes talk about our NoFap journey. This helped me also a lot, because I don’t want to talk about NoFap with my friends every day.

The last thing I want to share is that maintaining streaks makes you confident.

Some of my streaks were short, and others were longer. During those longer ones I noticed I was gradually feeling more confident. I was paying attention to a healthy sleep rhythm, working out several times a week, and getting shit done. I worked hard on my life and this made me proud. I have even sometimes felt invincible! and I think it is because during those streaks you are really pushing your boundaries to grow in the direction you envision. Of course there is the discussion about what causes such success: is it the NoFap, the sleep rhythm, the workouts, or something else? However, how I see it is that during those times success in one area enables the potential for success in other areas as well. Quitting porn drove my lifestyle change, and my lifestyle changes drove my NoFap success.

From that perspective I want to say to all of you who are on the starting end of your journey: you can do it.

Start living healthy and keep track of your NoFap progress. I promise it will make the difference. YOU. CAN. DO. IT.

*Results. I will explain a bit about my system: NF stands for nofap and PMO for Porn & masturbation & orgasm. Pk stands for Peek; this could be checking anything other than porn which would turn me on. As peeking was likely to be slippery slope and would often lead me into doing PMO, I decided to track this as well. MO stands for masturbation & orgasm without checking anything that turns you on. As I allowed myself to do this sometimes by means of necessity (to release stress) my streak would continue. Every morning I wrote down the results of the previous day, and every start of the month I would sum up the totals of the previous one.

Disclaimer: Personal anecdotes and opinions shared by users of NoFap® do not represent the views of NoFap LLC. Further, do not look to any person’s story for medical advice. This story is being shared for motivational and information purposes. See the original post on our subreddit.

9 thoughts on “NoFap Results: One Year (personal story)”

  1. Thank you man, right now, you may have steer my life in the right direction.
    Thank You.

  2. Hello, now i am in 130 days most of problim that i have from porn had disapeared i have problim is whan i watch some nomal video including beautiful woman i feel some pleasure this is made me depressed so what can i do for that

  3. I just want to come out this painful habit because I have lost many things because of this habit and I never want to go in hell again at all.

  4. In anyone’s life who is addicted to this, It’s like a hitch that stops you from taking steps towards more useful and successful routines and achievements. The more you get stuck in it the more you waste your time.

  5. Hey, first of all im glad of your journey and i hope u continue ur streak with no relapses, so.. i’ve noticed that your list is well organized, i’ll admire it if you tell me how you designed it or just send the layout it’d just save me a lot of time of tutorials and stuff… i’d appreciate it.

  6. Carl Rasmus Bjering

    Hey guys i been at nofap for sometimes and i sometimes sadly i fail when i feel to sorry for my self that there is nobody to take care of me tougheter if you know what i mean but this is selfish i do see. So dont wait around go out do everything you can to divert your attention from the dick and wimmen to, going out danceing or play fotball. And a easy tip is actully to have a picture of jesus in you bed camber to look uppon when you are in greate need of moral and spritual better ment or incurragement.
    Take care and i hope you succeed where i failed. love Rasmus!

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