James Reynov from Life is Better

Q and A with director of recovery-themed kickstarter film

What messages are you trying to convey with “Life is better when you don’t jack off?”

With Life is Better When You Don’t Jack Off we are trying to convey many different messages. First off the ability to become reliant on pornography and masturbation. I use the word reliant because too many people it is funny to say addiction to them and also they’re much more accepting of the word reliant than addicted. The thing is that people are much accepting of addictions such as alcoholism or drug addiction, because when you admit that you have a problem to people, they congratulate you and tell you that that was the first step, and you’re doing better already. When you tell somebody that you’re addicted to pornography, it seems like a joke to most people. They either smirk, or say that’s impossible, and there seems to be this instant stigma with it where people don’t really believe it. We want to help get rid of that stigma and as well help the people that feel incredibly ashamed, letting them know that it’s okay to be honest and that you’re really not the only one. It’s just something people are not talking about.

How will NoFap’s Fapstronauts be able to see the film after it is completed?

Fapstronauts will have a private personal link that will only be served to them is the idea right now. Of course we want everyone to see it, but we’re looking at various distributing methods. The Fapstronauts have greatly helped us though, so we will find a way for them to always be able to access it instantly and for free. Kinda like porn.

How will you keep everybody updated?

We’re working on rebooting the Facebook page and having a website built. With the film being postponed a year, we have a lot more time to focus on everything that we just kind of glided over when we were doing it first. Updates and better contact with supporters will be among the first things we change, so we can get people involved and excited with the film again and in a new way

Closing Thoughts

The success of this film would be nowhere without the Fapstronauts, who showed us support and encouragement throughout the campaigning for the film. I’m excited for the film to be done more so for all of you to see it, and I hope you enjoy everything we have coming. I’m sorry about the wait, and I hope no one thinks we are screwing them over. Problems came up, things got pushed back, but it’s all for the better. I had to learn this with the film that Life Is Better When You’re Patient. That’s the title of my life now.

7 thoughts on “Q and A with director of recovery-themed kickstarter film”

    1. Sorry to hear that… don’t let it get you down just get right back on the horse. This should have a note though about “POTENTIALLY TRIGGERING CONTENT”.

    2. hey man, it’s not my itention to be rude or somthing, but if you relapsed because you watched the trailer, it’s on you, it is your responsibility, so don’t be a pussy, instead, learn from it, and start again 🙂

      P.S: i’ve already seen a one scene from those scenes they put in the trailer, it was one of my favorites Porn scenes, but that deosn’t mean that i should lose my streak just because of a one scene, no no my friend.

      i hope you where just kidding 🙂

  1. Has this project started on kickstarter? I tried searching for it but couldn’t find it. If it has, including a link to support the project would be great. Thank you for putting your time, money and effort to make this film.

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