PewDiePie mentions NoFap in YouTube gameplay video

PewDiePie made a joke mentioning NoFap in a gameplay video uploaded to his YouTube channel. This is noteworthy since Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, more commonly known as his online alias PewDiePie, currently is one of the most popular content creators on YouTube with a massive 103 million channel subscribers.

The brief mention of us is here (see the 5-minute, 32-second mark). PewDiePie is playing Dreams for the Playstation 4 gaming console, a game that seems to consist almost entirely of user-generated content. It slightly reminds us of a newer, updated Second Life. A lot of the user-generated content within Dreams seems to be inspired by already-existing video games such as Minecraft and Zelda, and PewDiePie came across a Crash Bandicoot (a game franchise started in the 1990s) inspired clone. He says “Do you think Crash Bandicoot is NoFap? Something to think about.”

PewDiePie had the #1 most subscribed to YouTube channel from 2013 to 2019 when his YouTube subscriber count was surpassed by the India-based record label T-Series’ channel. This resulted in heavy backlash from many people within the YouTube community who seemed to prefer an individual content creator such as PewDiePie to hold the top slot, rather than a corporation. Being an Internet personality, PewDiePie definitely has had a turbulent and colorful career, but in August 2019 he seems to have settled down a little bit (he recently quit Twitter) and got married to Marzia Bisognin.

Obviously, this was just a brief mention and not a huge deal – but it does raise awareness to his audience about our website. PewDiePie’s YouTube video already has over 8 million views (at the time this article was posted). If only 1% of the viewers do a web search for our website, that’s still 80,000 people who might ask themselves “is porn negatively impacting my life and relationships?”

PewDiePie – if you’re reading this – we would be down to play video games and raise awareness about porn addiction anytime. Hit us up. Our community manager already has his VR headset ready to go.

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