NoFap name-dropped in Orange is the New Black!

Orange is the New Black, a popular show produced by NetFlix, name-dropped our brand in the latest season. We’ve already noticed a bump in server load, indicating that many people are seeking our website to find out more about us.

They make a joke at our expense which the NoFap team found quite funny. However, while the show’s coverage of our website does not include the concept of making a permanent decision to leave pornography in the past, as people often put it: “any press is good press.”

I’ll grab the bags.

No, no.

I’ll get the bags. You, uh, you book the rooms.

You are really intense right now. You doing the NoFap challenge?

Maybe. What is that?

It’s when you stop jerking it so you get incentive to go out and get the real thing.

I did it last fall. Worst four days of my life.

I’ll book the room.

Rooms dude, two separate rooms.

We can’t face the demons of our experience in separate rooms, brother. One room. Plus it’s economical.

Given that it’s a massively popular show with a worldwide audience, we expect that many people will be looking up our website and then will ask themselves how their porn use is impacting their relationships and lives.

You may watch it right now on Netflix. Season 6, episode 2 about 40 minutes and 10 seconds into the episode. Feel free to reach out to them on Facebook to thank them for including us on their show.

4 thoughts on “NoFap name-dropped in Orange is the New Black!”

  1. Joe caputo is also an exemple in the entire series of people who have a porn addiction.

    And i feel we should more talk about this problème in tv show ect

  2. There’s no such thing as porn addiction. You just rack-a disciprin.

    It’s not porn that’s addictive, it’s indolence. Sat on your computer all day wanking and playing games. Though the wanking is only a small part of the time spent.

    What this site does, is encourage people to actually get up and do something with their lives. Avoiding porn is just an icon for the motivating factor, it’s not actually the factor itself. It’s an image to get behind and do things in the name of. Same way all those cathedrals they built in the Middle Ages. There wasn’t actually a god, but the image of him was enough to shape the world and lift hundreds of tons of stone and mortar.

    I bet there’s plenty of people who masturbate the ordinary amount, who are still lazy fuckers sat in front of the computer. It’s the indolence (that means “being idle”!). That’s what’s appealing, the wanking is just something to fill the time while you’re being idle.

    “Leave the fucking house” / “Sunlight challenge” would actually be a better description of your mission to get neckbeards some oxygen. But if it wasn’t about wanking you wouldn’t get the small amount of novelty media stories you have. Sex, even by oneself, sells.

    1. Clearly you’ve never spent 3-6 hours searching for that one video you think is gonna hit the spot.
      Is it indolence when you spend 3-6 hrs (at night) searching and downloading porn all for the sake of that promised bliss. I’ve downloaded a large amount of porn in one sitting only to jerk and ejaculate to one video and deleting the rest, feeling corrupted and ashamed. Funny thing is, with time my ”addiction” begins to override my shame and disgust and I find myself back at it again.

      You don’t have the answers. So don’t shit on pple.

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