Trademark Guidelines

On this page you’ll find information about NoFap’s trade/service marks and how you may or may not use them.

NoFap® and Fapstronaut™, along with certain graphics, logos, and designs are trade and service marks of NoFap LLC. We support and encourage ideas, services, tools and other creative works but we’re required to protect our reputation and brand identity. NoFap asks you to follow the guidelines specified on this page.

If you do not agree to follow the following guidelines, you don’t have a right to use NoFap’s marks. Trademark infringement or dilution may be subject to legal action. We may change these guidelines without notice to you – you’re responsible for following any modified terms.


  1. Using the NoFap marks as proper nouns to refer to NoFap, our services, programs, website, applications, and products.
  2. Using the NoFap Marks to refer to things associated with the NoFap organization (for example, “the NoFap website”) and not as common and generic nouns or verbs (for example, “ is another NoFap website.”), except when using NoFap to refer to our services, products, company, or website. NoFap is a website, not a word that means “quitting porn” that any organization or individual can use to describe their services legally.

Not Acceptable:

  1. Incorporating the NoFap Marks, or anything confusingly similar, into domain names, screen names, website names, trademarks, company names, usernames, etc and/or using the NoFap Marks as part of the name for a product or service not offered by NoFap, unless we have given express written permission (for example, the following is acceptable: “Coaching to Quit Porn” or “Quit PMO Coaching”, while “NoFap Coaching” isn’t).
  2. Using the NoFap Marks in a way that suggests incorrectly that NoFap is affiliated with, sponsors or endorses a website, product, or service not operated by NoFap LLC.
  3. Using the NoFap Marks as a generic word for quitting porn or abstaining from masturbation (for example, the following is incorrect: “These millennials quitting porn are all part of the NoFap movement”).
  4. Spelling or capitalizing the NoFap Marks incorrectly.
  5. Modifying or altering the NoFap Marks, for example by adding to, changing or abbreviating the NoFap Marks to create new words (for example, the following is incorrect: “NoFapping,” “NoFapped”).
  6. Using the NoFap Marks on any products or to market any products without our permission. If you have a great idea for a product, please contact us.
  7. Using the NoFap Marks to describe any service, or to market any service, without permission from NoFap LLC.
  8. Using “Fapstronaut” to refer to users of other porn recovery platforms not operated by NoFap.


  • A personal blog, video, or social media account giving a testimonial about your journey using NoFap’s programs, not incorporating NoFap’s registered trademark in the URL.
  • Criticizing our company, not used in commerce (fair use).

Not Acceptable:

  • A website in the field of sexual health that contains the trademarked name “NoFap” (for example, “” or “”).
  • A forum or social media community containing the trademarked name “NoFap” (for example, “NoFapForums”, “TeamNoFap”).
  • Offering coaching services (for example, calling yourself a “NoFap Coach”).
  • Offering e-courses, applications, books, or informational material using our marks (for example, “NoFap Groups” or “NoFap Guide”)
  • Falsely representing NoFap in any way.
  • Suggesting that you are endorsed by NoFap, if you aren’t.


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NoFap’s legal representation is Richard T. Ting.

Beck & Thomas, P.C.
1575 McFarland Road, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

You may contact Richard Ting directly or email our team at [email protected]