Pamela Anderson is right about porn. Pornography is a public hazard.

Pamela Anderson is right about porn. Pornography is a public hazard

In response to the latest Anthony Weiner scandal, prominent model, producer, and activist Pamela Anderson has come out against pornography, calling the medium a “national public hazard.”

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece co-written with Shmuley Boteach (a Rabbi, author, television host, and public speaker), Anderson stated that pornography was “corrosive” and “a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness given how freely available, anonymously accessible and easily disseminated pornography is nowadays.” She lamented the “nefarious impact” impact of pornography on families and individuals, asking “How many families will suffer? How many marriages will implode? How many talented men will scrap their most important relationships and careers for a brief onanistic thrill? How many children will propel, warp-speed, into the dark side of adult sexuality by forced exposure to their fathers’ profanations?”

She warns that if nothing is done, “the incidence of porn addiction will only spiral as the children now being raised in an environment of wall-to-wall, digitized sexual images become adults inured to intimacy and in need of even greater graphic stimulation.” She recognizes that no government could ever “reseal the Pandora’s box of pornography.” Anderson called for a “sensual revolution” that would replace pornography with a focus on eroticism and “the ample rewards of healthy sexuality.”

Mirroring a Washington Post op-ed piece published by NoFap founder Alexander Rhodes titled “The conversation we’re not having about porn”, their op-ed piece calls for “an honest dialogue on the dangers of pornography.”

Anderson’s statement is a powerful condemnation of pornography, from a woman who is a former Playboy cover girl, and is intimately familiar with the pornographic medium.

NoFap, a porn addiction recovery platform, has long supported the notion that pornography is a public health hazard. As we have continually highlighted in our recent appearances in TIME, The New York Times, Showtime’s “Dark Net” television show, and NPR’s “Here and Now” program, there is ample evidence to support that pornography is a public health hazard. Compulsive consumption of Internet pornography has been shown to cause erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, reduced genital sensitivity, and a decreased interest in partnered sex.

Over 20 studies, with more being released regularly, directly support the existence of porn-related problems. A 2014 University of Cambridge study used brain imaging to discover that the porn-addicted brain reacts to porn cues the same way the drug-addicted brain reacts to drug cues. More recently, a 2-year longitudinal Canadian study on adolescents showed that erectile dysfunction rates are skyrocketing among young men, with 45.3% of male participants reporting erectile function problems. Before the advent of modern Internet pornography, the 1948 Kinsey Report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, published that the prevalence of ED in men under 30 was under 1%.

In addition to this, anecdotal reports are coming in from all over the Internet from individuals reporting sexual dysfunction and other negative symptoms as a result of their compulsive porn use.  In many cases, when these people remove one variable – pornography – their sexual dysfunctions and other symptoms are reduced or reversed.  All this is happening as the first generation raised on pornography reaches adulthood, a generation Anderson calls the “guinea-pig generation for an experiment in mass debasement [to which] few of us would have ever consented.”

While NoFap hesitates to endorse all of Anderson’s viewpoints and does not believe that disparagement of pornography users is the most pragmatic solution to addressing the present crisis, we appreciate her bringing this issue into further public awareness, and agree with the notion that pornography is a public health hazard.

Additionally, while there may be some correlation between Anthony Weiner’s actions and his use of pornography, NoFap is not at all suggesting that Mr. Weiner’s use of pornography somehow excuses his actions. Pornography addiction is not a blanket explanation for infidelity or potential child endangerment.

NoFap would like to thank Pamela Anderson for highlighting this all too important issue, and for publicly describing the risk and fallout of a personal compulsive porn habit.  Many of NoFap’s users have themselves described the implosion of their marriages, the breakup of their families, and the utter waste of their personal talents as a result of pornography addiction – all issues which Anderson addresses.  As a society we owe it to our fellow citizens to do our best to foster healthy and whole individuals, families, and communities.

NoFap also appreciates Anderson’s position against regulation. Regulation is not the answer to the growing pornography crisis in our society.  Rather, it is clear that education is the best approach.  As individuals and as a society, we must spread awareness about this problem work to educate our communities – especially our youth.  Only then will we, as a society, be able to leave pornography behind in favor of real, healthy intimacy and personal relationships.  Anderson’s vision of a “sensual revolution” can come true, if only we take the necessary actions to attain it.  As a sex-positive porn recovery platform, NoFap can only agree that quitting pornography is one of the most beneficial things individuals can do to foster healthy, partner-focused sexualities.

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26 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson is right about porn. Pornography is a public hazard.”

  1. She is irrelevant, and Pornography is not inherently bad, the fact that we all abuse it – is.

    I support NoFap and am on Day 7 now and going strong.

    1. Kenneth
      It is important to remember that we do not know if the use of porn is inherently harmful or not. Much more research is needed to determine that. But the conditioning a sexual response to something that is not human or alive – dots of color on a page or pixels of light on a screen- cannot be assumed to be healthy.

    2. It’s hard to take her seriously when she’s also done porn herself, with Tommy lee, but then again people can change.

  2. Bane of existence.

    Porn is a topic that needs to be talked about deeply. People today use it as a couples thing or as a joke. Its not a joke feeling you need that as clarity to feel wanted and to not feel alone.
    Its almost if not sickening to see how its accepted for porn and promiscuous sex all over everything.

  3. She certainly isn’t the first person or celeb to have done this. It takes fortitude to say out loud what you believe inside. People change their opinions often when they finally reflect on how their behavior has had a negative impact on them. I hope she doesn’t let push back stop her from her stand. Congratulations to her!

  4. Although Anderson’s quasi-religious language is self-defeating- “their father’s profanations” – her point is correct- the porn addiction is vast, and serious.
    Its effects are unknown. But it is reasonable to suppose that if sexual dysfunction is a consequence, then psychological problems must be either caused or worsened by the use of porn.

  5. Finally—a sex symbol regaining her senses!! One wishes they all would. This is a full-scale public health crisis and Pam’s words against this scourge carry weight that few others do. I don’t see it as hypocritical at all—I see it as a radical conversion moment, or at least the start of one. Good for Pam!!

  6. It is my hope that Ms. Anderson is totally sincere in what she has gone on record to say. My concern is her choice of the term “loser” to use in her article (Simply put, we must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers—a boring, wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality). I am not disagreeing with the intend of her comment, such her choice of terms. Many young men & women (age 13 and younger) who are experiencing new hormonal changes in their body and have received little or no sex ed from parents or teachers/counselors/pastors/etc.(or worse,only information from the streets through friends/etc.)innocently go to a website and are confronted with sexually explicit images which sucks them into the world of porn and M/O practically before they know what is happening to them. For them to read that they are “losers” will only increase their load of guilt over what they are doing and may cause them to become even more addicted. In my mind, at least at this stage of the game, these young people are just as much victims of the porn industry as the women/children who are used by the industry in their films.

  7. that’s cool and all.

    but very disappointed to see this in my inbox. At least put a trigger warning. The name and the magazine in question in just written words are triggering.

    in b4 “well you should learn to deal with it anyways you wuss”

    … yes we should, no doubt. but the last place we need to see triggering words is I mean come on now…

    1. Quote: “that’s cool and all.

      but very disappointed to see this in my inbox. At least put a trigger warning. The name and the magazine in question in just written words are triggering.

      in b4 “well you should learn to deal with it anyways you wuss”

      … yes we should, no doubt. but the last place we need to see triggering words is I mean come on now…”

      I agree with this guy,eventhough I don’t have that problem, I can see her name and picture can bring back memories 😀 Hmm quite extreme, maybe the creator of this page isn’t aware of some sensitiveness.

  8. Hi, I have been suffering from porn addiction and I have been doing self therapy ever since. So far so good. A bit slow but surely coming through. This news is great and very brave of Ms Pamela. It’s really normal for some people to not understand this but I also believe that people like us should give second chances to those who have fallen into the bad habit. I mean, I really believe that porn is not just a shallow thing, it is something very deep that destroys relationships. I can delve with the details but that would be at a different time. Going back, I think Ms Pamela has done a great job and because of this, I am more empowered to fast track my anti porn therapy until I am fully healed. Then can I enjoy my relationship with my family and loved ones and take care of my physical health as well (and not let porn sites have too much profit for something that’s destroying relationships) Thank you again for this website and for this wonderful news.

  9. Yes, porn addiction is harmful, but it is harmful more to oneself. Nobody has crashed into another car after they beaten it off (maybe while they have beaten off). Nobody has beaten their wife or kids after they beaten it off. Pornography is not alcohol or weed. This sentiment echos the prohibition era notions of banning a substance will only make it better. Guess what? It won’t. There will be Al Capone’s of porn. The problem stems much deeper from porn, it is depression and stress management. These two things are the root of any addiction.

  10. As I said in a previous post found above, it is my hope that Ms. Anderson is totally sincere. However, statements I found in two posts in her journal found at raises some concerns in my mind. Perhaps I don’t don’t properly understand what she is trying to say. Below are the two quotes, I let you decide for yourself.

    “Playboy was killed by porn. Playboy to me was innocent. And I stand by my statement. We must learn to make love again. It will save us.”

    “I am in the DNA of Playboy-A centerfold, bunny, cover girl. Playboy in my opinion was titillatingly innocent-sensual-without being grossly over sexual. It was a very ‘euro’/forward thinking -a semi nude publication-that celebrated freedom in many ways –
    beliefs and boundaries-I will always proudly align myself with.”

    Now this magazine was first published the year after I was born and I didn’t start to look at it until the mid 60’s (before Ms. Anderson’s time) and I would not remotely think of using the phrase “titillatingly innocent-sensual-without being grossly over sexual” in connection with the magazine and how it became a source for my developing porn addiction. What do you think of her comments?

  11. When you look at Pam Anderson’s sex tapes and see the kind of man she married, it kind of flies in the face of everything she says…as she blows, so shall she rape-herself..and all the sub 15 year olds who’ve seen her doing Brett. For her to pontificate unsound and unproven hypos in front of military men, to use the picture, she should be forced to shave her head, wear no make up, and otherwise uglyize to the extent she wants kids not to look at her (hey, that’s military dress code too!).
    I got more of my messed up fake sex scenes from blockbuster Hollywood scenes, like Officer And A Gentleman, where women and men use each other in and out of the sack. Portrayed realistically, movies like this do more to mess up a young mind-it sent me enliisting, thinking I could do well and get Debra Wingers’ ass (or similar). Nothing like dying for your country based on Hollywood false portrayals of sex, which are far more pervasive and ingrained than any fap mop up site can do. Porn is everywhere, but dysfunctional ideas about sex spring from our sports and military advertising billions-tell them to go fuck themselves first. Aggression, whether from having a gun or beating a team/country, is really what Jim Morrison said…”pushing me around because he has a gun, and probably can’t get it up without it”! God bless the real porn whores of the USA!

  12. So, let me get this straight – you’re posting thoughts from Pamela Anderson on porn and she’s got on a (soft porn) low cut dress? Porn addicts beware!

  13. I disagree with your comment. Pamela Anderson in my opinion is a hypocrite and a lier! While she was younger she had sexual prowess and power over men at her whim. Hell I use to fantasize about me and her getting it on in every position possible! Those tits of hers on Baywatch! wow are you kidding me? Even though they were fake. My point is now that she is older and has written the cock carousel many times she has limited power that she once had! I think it has something to do with the younger hotter woman stealing her spotlight and displaying competition instead of really caring for the health of society’s young people. So fun time for her is over! And she has the audasity to tell us younger adults and kids that porno is dangerous and wrong? I guess it’s easier for her to say this now with no shame because she’s already made her millions making sex videos, playboy covers, Baywatch, other movies, guys like me horny and wanting more. In my opinion if she has a good brain she would just keep quiet about this “porno danger” talk and live her life! It’s not fair that younger tennagers and adults both men and woman will not choose and enjoy their sexual pleasures based on some former sex symbol telling them its wrong! Who knows, she might even create more sexual tension and horniness amongst younger sexually active people. That old tale of “dont do that” will only make people “curious” and want to do it even more. Wether you want to believe it or not, her videos and images cannot be stopped by younger viewers. So I guess the cycle of porn addiction continues for many of us. Pamela should shut up! and let others decide on their own wether porn is right for them or not based on lived experiences not scare\guilt tactics of Pamela Anderson, like these other religious people judging others. I bet these “Men of God” don’t have a sex life!

  14. Quote: “that’s cool and all.

    but very disappointed to see this in my inbox. At least put a trigger warning. The name and the magazine in question in just written words are triggering.

    in b4 “well you should learn to deal with it anyways you wuss”

    … yes we should, no doubt. but the last place we need to see triggering words is I mean come on now…”

    I agree with this guy,eventhough I don’t have that problem, I can see her name and picture can bring back memories ? Hmm quite extreme indeed, but maybe the creator of this page isn’t aware of some sensitiveness.

  15. I’m in Indonesia at the moment and it’s 4 years jail if you watch porn! I think the Indonesians are right with their serve penalty!

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